Doctor Inferno and his ally, baron Ashura want to dominate the world thanks to their evil robots. Mazinga Z is the earth defender and he will have to struggle to defeat the evil enemies. In the game you are Rio and you will pilot Mazinga Z to lead him toward the final clash and defeat Dr. Inferno. If you're the first defeating him you will be the winner.

The game is divided into two different phases: during the first Rio has to reach Mazinga's head, in the second there are the fights against the evil space monsters.

1st phase:
Roll the roulette and advance on the board, along the path to reach Mazinga's head. Avoid Ashura's areas: she will make you go back, while if you meet Aphrodite nothing will affect your way.
Every player reaching Mazinga's head will immediately move its pawn to the Rio piloting area.

2nd phase:
There is a new path to afford and Mazinga's cards now will drive your game-play, determining victories or defeats during the fights. The roulette still brings you forward toward Dr. Inferno.
To win fights you must draw Aphrodite's cards. Moreover while in a Aphrodite's area you are protected against Ashura evil effects. If you are in a Ashura o Space Monster area you will suffer of the penalties of these monsters.

Victory conditions:
Be the first to reach Dr. Inferno and defeat him drawing an Aphrodite card. Otherwise step back and let the other players try to win

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